Unifying the Divide of Business & Medicine


Through our relationship with Kareo we are able to provide you with valuable features in managing the day to day operations of your practice such as:

Patient Scheduling

Through the patient scheduler you can schedule appointments, view calendars, check eligibilty, print schedules, and forms , customize your scheduler, and enforce scheduling rules. The scheduler is a valuable tool in maximizing the efficient use of your time.


Click on the following link to view a demo of the patient scheduler presented by Kareo. Scheduler Demo

 Check Patient Eligibility

Our practice management software through Kareo is highly integrated with our clearinghouse, Capario. Because of this relationship you are able to electronically check patient eligibilty through the Kareo system. By checking eligibility, you are helping to ensure you will receive full reimbursement for your valued services. This feature eliminates the time consuming and painstaking task of verifying eligibility through calling the insurance companies directly.

 Document Management

Increase your productivity by eliminating the need to search in a drawer or in a cabinet for a file. The document management feature enables you to scan, fax or upload files to the Kareo system. You can scan paper documents directly in the system using any Windows-compatible, TWAIN-compliant scanner. We will assign you a unigue dedicated fax number to allow you to fax documents directly into the Kareo system. You also can store files in any file format, including Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, BMP, JPEG and many more.

 Click on the following link to view a demo of the Document Management system presented by Kareo: Document Management Demo